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Expand/compress all


An option to “expand all” or “compress all” nodes in a program.

What is it?

It would be a check box or a radio button at the top of the program, below or next to the search bar that expands the entire program, opens up all nodes or, if they are open, compresses all nodes.

Why is it needed?

The expand all, compress all feature I believe would be valuable for quickly trying to find a specific place in the program. It would enable you to navigate directly to the desired place in the program the quickest way possible without having to scroll for extended periods of time by compressing all first and opening the nodes you need to open. The expand all would be valuable for if you need to comb through every line, for example, if you are trying to add comments or simplify as much as possible. It would give you the ability to navigate the program on the teach pendant more closely to how efficiently you can navigate the program on the simulator on a computer.

Caveat: sorry if there are options for this that exist already, but from everything I know, there are not.

Edit: Another apology because I didnt read the instructions clearly enough to know that theres only supposed to be one feature per post. I have removed the print out feature.


Seconded! Also, being able to search within collapsed nodes hidden subtrees would be great. We currently have a policy of not saving programs with collapsed nodes hidden subtrees as the next person may not be able to search within them.

Edit: Whoops! Not collapsed, but hiding subtree. I guess if saving a program retained the collapsed/expanded nature of the nodes, that would make the most sense.

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That’s interesting @terryc I hadn’t noticed that. Wonder if I’ve missed anything because of it. (I still have a lot of programs to go through that have the Payload setting in the Set node with everything else) so when I run those parts i update as I go searching for Set nodes for payload and fixing them.

As an aside, I can’t for the life of me understand why UR wouldn’t add an auto-updater to fix these. They went as far as to throw up a warning about the fact that it’s changed when you open an old program on the new version, why not take it to it’s natural conclusion and fix them? :roll_eyes:

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Unless im mistaken, you can search within collapsed nodes. I just closed a node on a program and searched for a specific thing within it and it found it. I HAVE found that if you have selected the box “Hide Folder Program Tree” on a folder, you cannot search within that, and that has been a problem for me in the past. Maybe that’s what you are talking about?

Edited above, yes I meant not being able to search within the hidden subtree.