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Error: C218A0 - Thread used too much time

Hello everybody,

I am getting the following warning in the log:

  • CA218A0: A thread used a lot of time: Main Robot Program

I have searched for this error in the service manual and it does not appear. The robot has been working normally and even if I leave the Main Program with only a “sync()” command I am getting this warning in the log.

Does anbody have an idea?

Thanks in advance!!

Kind regards

It means that main program thread is executing only instructions that don’t consume physical robot time.
sync() or wait should help avoiding this warning, by yielding thread.

This warning is not dangerous on it’s own, but is a result bad programming practices. It can lead to “runtime too much behind” errors when other program threads execute computationally expensive operations, and overload controller.

You could post program here if you can’t solve your issue.

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