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Development tools

hello all,

i am figuring out how to make an urcap for school and run into the following problem:

The starterpackage is very slow in the virtual machine and I have already played with the settings of the base memory and the display of the virtual machine.

Now for this reason I would like to go ahead and do it without the starterpackage, but I am getting so much different information that I have lost my way in what to download in terms of development tools and which linux operating system to download.

So far my understanding is that I need to install the following:

PC operating system:
Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca distribution (Ubuntu 14.04 based)
Needed to run the offline simulator

Development tools:

  • Jdk 1.8
    a development environment for building applications using the Java programming language

  • Eclipse java IDE
    the text editor

  • java SDK 6
    java runtime enviroment?

  • apache maven 3.0.5

  • urcap sdk
    api’s and

  • ursim

Could someone add to and/or improve this list? or can someone make a right list of what i need?

Thanks in advance
regards zoe