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Depalletizing from fixtures to palletizing in different assembly fixtures

Hello all,

I’m having a little trouble understanding how I can use the palletizing template to depalletize from the storage fixtures, to palletizing into a assembly fixture, directly all in one motion. The fixtures are vastly different in arrays and patterns. Is there a guide on how to do that? Can I use the feature movement type?

EDIT: Actually, I think I just found what I was looking for. Action after palletizing → I can then go in and add a depalletizing section.

Now in this depalletizing section, the linear displacement of the 3 objects are placed in a set distance. How can i repeat the same placement of those 3 objects in the same pattern of placement, but changed in locations on the x and y locations?

I have added a diagram to help clarify what i am after.

Depalletize to and palletize into the blue box. Repeat the palletize function of the blue both in x and y coordinates as needed.

Thank you!

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Hello @jared.wiley

on defining a new palletizing routine you select a reference coordinate system for it. The default is the base coordinate system. But you can create your own and adjust it after finishing each routine. See the following simple example:

With this all the correspondent movement and positions are also shifted accordingly.