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Define the type of Installation Variables

Good morning everyone,

I´ve some questions according the installation variables.
How do i declare/define the typ of these variables?

To control a Festo-Stepmotor I wanted to write single bits of the STW. Therefore i put 16 Variablesv(STW1_0 to STW1_15) as Installation-Variables.
Now in the programm i defined them (Like STW1_0 = True)… But when i start the programm it says that a “INT” value is requiered (Not bool).

Thank you very much.

Hello @kadams

on defining the Installation Variable you also need to set the initial value. This sets the variable type. I assume you have initialized with 0?

Good morning @sko

yes, thats true.
I initialized iut with “0”.

So if I want it to be of type “Bool” i have to set it to “false”?

Yes, you need to set it either to False or True.