Deamon with monitoring function

I wish to know whether it is possible to develop a UrCap with following functions:

  1. Deamon process starting with the UR system, not dependent on Polyscope
  2. Deamon saves all kind of diagnostic data into a file eg. csv file stored in the internal memory
  3. Deamon uses RTDE interface for data transmission

Thank you in advance for any information.

Hi I would say yes.

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. do you want to send the csv files using RTDE? because then this will properly have to be no.
    and where do you want to send it? to a locally connected pc? over the internet? or some third option?

I suggest saving the csv files to a folder in the programs folder and simply transfer it manually using a usb. but ssh could also be an option to facilitate the transfer over a local network.

I want to start with saving files locally to the programs folder. Network transfer is planned in the future.

I would then say yes this project is absolutely feasible, but you will need to use something else then the RTDE to do the file transfer.

there is an ftp on port 22. you could first store the data local, then grab it later via ftp.

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