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Create custom gripper for ur-robot Moveit

Dear Developers,
I want add a custom gripper to my UR5 in Moveit. The purpose is, to click components together. Its look like suction cup.
I have one element in Robot-Tool (wrist3) attached. Second element located on table and robot have to move to it and click in.
 This gripper is passive, has no electric or mechanical moving. 3d-Model of the gripper look like a little bit complicated then a box.
One easy opportunity exists: just attack object(obstacle) in Moveit to Robot joint(wrist3). But it is not the best way to realize it.

Question: How can i add my custom gripper to urdf for moveit-assistant? to define planning-group like in tutorial, avoid self-collision and it can be load automatically with my robot model.
Steps what I imagine for the solution:

  1. Create 3d-model (done)
  2. Create URDF from 3d-Model
    a. Can I do it with solidworks?
  3. Implement URDF from my custom gripper to URDF from robot
    a. How can I complete ur5.urdf.xacro file?
    b. Or can I link my URDF from gripper in ur5_robot.urdf.xacro ? if yes, then how?
    c. Any other option for that step?

Maybe it exists documentation to that theme?
Thanks all for help

I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask for this. There aren’t too many ROS users inside this forum, a better place to ask might be ROS answers.

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge you would have to

  1. create a 3D model of your gripper → save it to STL or DAE format
  2. create your own description using the existing description. For this, create your own package containing the description. Inside this, create your robot’s xacro file similar to this one and attach another
  3. In your custom description add another link using your 3D-model and connect it to tool0 using a joint. See this tutorial for details.
  4. start MoveIt!'s setup_assistant to create a custom moveit configuration using your new description.

I don’t have too much experience with moveit, but I guess these steps should get you in the right direction.

Thanks for the info.

Hey megatronicslabindia,

Did you do it?
i can’t fill urdf with my custom Gripper.
Can you help me? how did you do it?
Can we get contact and communicate with each other?