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Copying Programs Using the Teach Pendant

I’ve been using the Teach Pendant for all of my programming thus far and I’m honestly interested in continuing to do so. I’d like to make a copy of a program that I can then rename and edit (I am working with an application where the cobot will run many similar, but slightly different programs depending on current needs). When I go into “Load Program” and try to copy and paste, or copy, rename, and paste, I am unable. When I try to just copy and paste a copy of the program in the same area, I receive an error that says the two will be merged. When I try to copy the program, rename the original, and paste a copy, the paste button disappears and I am no longer able to add the copy.
A potential workaround I considered was moving files onto a flash drive, copying and renaming them using my computer’s file manager, and then adding the programs back to the cobot. That’s very tedious and I’d prefer not to, so please tell me if anyone has any other ideas! I’m all ears!

An additional workaround I have found is that if I call the first program as a subprogram, I can then remove/edit the associated nodes of the first program.
Is this the best way to create copied programs from the Teach Pendant? Will editing the subprogram affect the original program it is called from?

If you have the program open on the teach pendant, you can click Save → Save Program As and rename it.
This will save the opened program as a new one while still keeping the old one.
Would this be what you are looking to do?

That’s perfect! Thank you for your help!