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Conveyor Tracking


I have a pick and place project that uses MoveIT to sort stationary objects. I am now improving the project by adding a conveyor belt. I would like the end effector to track and grasp the moving object. Unfortunately, MoveIT is not optimized for grasping moving objects. Does anyone have experience conveyor tracking using ROS? On ROS Answers someone suggested either using the Cartesian Controller package: (GitHub - fzi-forschungszentrum-informatik/cartesian_controllers: A set of Cartesian controllers for the ROS-control framework.) or turning control over to the UR touchpad conveyor tracking algorithm. I am looking into both these options, but just wanted to see if anyone on here has any suggestions? By the way, I am focused on the motion planning problem and am assuming the conveyor speed is known.

TLDR: How to do conveyor tracking with ROS? How to set the end effector on a linear trajectory at some specified speed?

I know that FZI have done it and they was using the mentioned Cartesian control.

But it should also be possible to use the External control URCap, connection to the ROS_Driver and insert that into the conveyor tracking on the Teach pendant.