Controlling the gripper via ROS (UR10, Robotiq)


I noticed in the python RTDE API documentation there is a way to control Robotiq grippers. That’s what I want, but I’m already using the ROS Driver to control the robot, through Moveit and monitoring via RViz, and that part is working great. I’m just looking to now control the gripper.

What I"m trying to figure out is: do I have to make my own ROS node for just the gripper? That seems at first like it would be reasonable - the node would take an Action to change the grip position, and it would publish a stream of status related things including position and force. What I don’t know is if I do it that way (completely separate node) and it opens another RTDE tcp connection tot he robot, won’t that stomp on the default node that moveit is talking to?

Alternatively, is there just some way with the existing ROS driver to also talk to the gripper? Per the block diagram I can see the ROS_Driver already connects to the RTDE interface for R/W. I’m just wondering if it already handles this.


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