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Control of robot joints torques

I am trying to implement some kind of a control law in real-time on UR5e.
In order to do that I need to be able to control the joint torques via RTDE.

Is there a command that allows me to modify the robot joint torques values?

Here is an expression that governs the joint torques but before I can implement it I need to know:

  1. How to control joint torques of the robot in 500Hz
  2. Is there an easy wat to obtain jacobian (J), inertia matrix (H) and the matrix h using the robot?


I looked for the same possibility since I wanted to create a force-based control law. However, I am pretty sure that there is no possibility to control the joint torques(directly).

Right now I’m using the force mode, which is actually easier in a way because now I do not need the jacobian(which means I derived the jacobian for nothing…).

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