Clarification on UI Tab Grids

I’m trying to stay compliant with the E-Series Style Guide v.1.0, and I noticed there is a section describing “UI Grids” for the Installation Tab, Program Tab, and Toolbar areas. Each with a picture like the following:

It then says “Only place components between columns (the width of each component is
whatever size you need, only bear in mind to respect the minimum width
indicated on each component)”

Does this mean I need to manually calculate the location of each component on my UI to ensure it doesn’t land on a column? Or is this a property that is automatically handled by some pre-packaged formatting options?

Does this grid have a physical representation within the Java Swing environment? If so, is there any way I can set it to “visible” to ensure all my components are arranged properly?

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UP !

When creating an object, how to define the start columns ?

Thanks !