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Checking joint values in real time

Hey everyone!

I would like to ask if there is any way to measure the robot’s connector values in real time? We are using a UR3e robot, which we control with a GeoMagic Touch X real-time manipulator. We use the ikfast function to calculate the inverse kinematics. By pressing a button on the manipulator, the robot starts moving and when the button is released the robot stops. In some cases, the trajectories that the robot takes to reach certain positions are very unsatisfactory, and cause the robot to work unstably. So, my question is whether it is possible to continuously check the values of each joint, so that we can eliminate solutions that are mathematically correct, but not for our use-cases. We use the servoj command to move the robot. Thank you in advance for all the answers.

Hi @blazejski97.krawczyk ,

Perhaps, you could think about using the log viewer to trace the status you want.