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Changing TCP Configurations Quickly

I am curious how everyone is configuring their individual TCPs for lab testing. What is everyone doing to input their new TCPs in the quickest and most accurate manner possible. I am familiar with looking up TCP values from the manufacturer, but are there other ways that you all are doing this. Please let me know as I am in a lab setup and regularly change out TCPs with multiple components (i.e. force-torque sensor, camera mount, and gripper or suction cups) and am in need of a faster way to do this for each configuration. Thanks for your help PLUS community!

Did you consider to use the TCP setup wizards; Position and Orientation?

Position allows you to jog the robot TCP to the same position from 4 different angles.
Hence this will automatically calculate the X, Y and Z components of the TCP.
Consider to use something rather pointy, e.g. grip a pencil, to get the best accuracy.

If the rotation of the TCP is different from the Tool coordinate system, Orientation lets you align the new TCP Z-axis with a Feature Z-axis to automatically calculate the Rx, Ry and Rz components.

Right. Both of those are fine and I understand how to use them. I meant I was trying to quick configure the COG at the bottom.

This won’t help with the COG problem, but if you are changing TCP often or in an automatic fashion have you considered something like this : https://www.leoni-industrial-solutions.com/en/products-services/calibration-of-robotic-tools-fixtures/

You can save different installation files for different COG and TCP setups.
PS if it is only COG and payload, then you can try writing simple script that asks for tool number in “BeforeStart” program section, and sets correct values with set_payload(m, CoG) function. Also values can be hardcoded in “BeforeStart” if program is used with specific tool only.