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API sometimes not initialized properly

Software version: 5.5 and 5.6
Robot generation: e-Series v1 and v2

Steps to reproduce:

Restart until infrequently bug occurs

Expected behavior:
Robot is initialized and the 3D Model of the Robot is shown in the Move Tab

Actual behavior:
In rare situations the robot is initialized, the 3D Model is not visible (Model is zoomed in 100%) and some object references of the api are not initialized.

this leads to other Problems, e.g. Waypoints can not be added to the root Tree through the API. This also occurs on URSim.
The attached Error Report was created from URSim after trying to add a Waypoint Node with our URCap followed by a NullPointerException
report_20191211_08_50_46.zip (278.0 KB)

This never happened on 5.4 or 5.3 :wink: