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A usability survey-How do you think these two interface designs?

Here we provide the two interface designs of the teaching pendant. And we need your help to rating your feelings in our survey, which aims at the usability of the interfaces.

Please use this link to enter the survey, and you will see the two wireframe interface designs in the form: https://forms.gle/gCDz4sqt5dZiGsYr9


A new interface layout for the basic programming on the teaching pendant.

What is it?

Simplify the flow and reduce the click action in repetitions when adding new program structures.

Why is it needed?

> As users of the teaching pendants, we find some potential design improvements for the user flow. And here is one of them: too many tabs jumping forward and backward in the designed flow, and seems not suitable for the workflow of natural user interface design from the grasping robot to adjust/setting Moves.