XMLRPC Bad request Encoding

Hi all,

I am trying to get an xmlrpc server setup in python, but my server doesnt like the request from the robot. My server reports:

code 400, message Bad request version ('encoding="UTF-8"?>')

the robot shows this error…but i think the robot side error is because the server has simply not provided a response:

any ideas?

I tried adding encoding='UTF-8' to the server declaration, but i get the same error on the server

python code:

with SimpleXMLRPCServer((‘’, 45330),
requestHandler=RequestHandler,allow_none=True,encoding=“UTF-8”) as server:

[functions in here]

serverLog.info(f’starting server…')

Found it! For anyone else that stumbles across this in the future:

I had specified :int in my xmlrpc server function registration, but i was passing in a string.

my funciton looked like this:

def function(n:int):

but I was passing in a string.

changed function to:
def function(n:str)

and it works great