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When communicating with python-urx 3.5, there is still a delay. What's the problem

urx.urrobot.RobotException: Goal not reached but no program has been running for 5 seconds. dist is 0.049986025435063766, threshold is 0.039996845948998494, target is [-0.14482926 -0.30244145 0.50537851 0.26114389 3.1118598 -0.02745581], current pose is [-0.14483246457180995, -0.30244258900071636, 0.45539258969714447, 0.26125436683863307, 3.111797943232082, -0.027527518798631107]

Hello @18244026854 ,

can you provide further intel about your setup and program used? From the information you have provided it is not quite clear to me what you are trying to do.

I use Python urx to control ur5e robot, but there will be the error I mentioned above. Is it a version problem? Do you know why? thank you!

This is my program

import urx
import logging

if name == “main”:

rob = urx.Robot("")
#rob = urx.Robot("localhost")
# rob.set_tcp((0,0,0,0,0,0))

rob.set_payload(0.5, (0,0,0))
    l = 0.05
    v = 0.05
    a = 0.3
    pose = rob.getl()
    print("robot tcp is at: ", pose)
    print("absolute move in base coordinate ")
    pose[2] += l
    rob.movel(pose, acc=a, vel=v)
    print("relative move in base coordinate ")
    rob.translate((0, 0, -l), acc=a, vel=v)
    print("relative move back and forth in tool coordinate")
    rob.translate_tool((0, 0, -l), acc=a, vel=v)
    rob.translate_tool((0, 0, l), acc=a, vel=v)