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What is a difference between actual and target controller output variables?

Hi All,

Can anyone please describe a clear understanding of an actual vs target in RTDE robot controller output? As per my current understanding of actual means, the current robot states value, and target means reference input given to the controller.

Please let me know if my understanding is not correct? Thank You.

Hi mpadhiya,

You are right, the target values are what the controller tries to achieve, whereas the actual values are what’s actually being achieved.

For example; if you have programmed the robot to move between 2 Waypoints:

The controller will try to move the robot arm to different intermediate joint positions, calculated to maintain the desired trajectory, speed, acceleration etc. All these numbers are the target values.

What the robot arm is actually achieving though can be measured/estimated by the internal electronic components, e.g. the encoders and other sensors. These numbers are the actual values.

In an ideal world, the 2 numbers will be the same, but in the real world, they’ll differ a bit, due to external factors like payload, heavy accelerations etc.

It might be useful to take a look in our Script Manual, where you can find a lot of well described script functions that provide a similar output as the RTDE: Universal Robots - Script manual - e-Series - SW 5.10


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