UR3e Force Mode: Overdrifting Issues Past Last Waypoint

Greetings UR Community,

I am facing an over-drifting challenge on my UR3e robot during Force mode with MoveP.

In my setup, I’ve defined a linear path MoveP (speed 7, acceleration 150) (along Y) from Waypoint 1 → Waypoint 2 → Waypoint 3, with force (3N) exerted along the X-axis. Despite attempting solutions like wait commands and the end_force_mode() script, the over-drifting problem persists at the last waypoint.

I realized at different force values (1N vs 5N), the over-drifting will vary in up to 30mm.

Thank you for your time and expertise. I look forward to your thoughts on resolving this challenge and welcome any further questions for clarification.

what blend radius does your MOVP have, and where does the robot go after Waypoint 3? Is the drift in that direction?

My blend radius is set to 1mm as I need it to follow the precise movement along a curvature that is almost linear.

After waypoint 3, there is a waypoint for the UR to clear off from the contact surface, and then resume waypoint 1-> waypoint 3