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Smooth trajectory script servoj()

I want to drive robot waypoint smoothly and used script servoj()
command string by c++ from PC as follow
"servoj ( p[ 0.1 , 0.1 , 0.1 ,0.0.0], t=0.05, lookahead_time=0.1, gain=300)\n"
but robot not move smoothly ,someyhing got wrong?


Within servoj, the t means when should the robot move to the target position, if your current position is “too far” away, which will lead to sudden starting movement while lookahead_time is the parameter determing how far away the robot looks ahead before executing, so you need to supply a string of servoj command at one time rather than one by one.

Regarding how to send a string of script command, enclose all commands with def and end. Please take care of the newline charater and indentation.

Did you solve this issue? I just come to it.