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ROS2 Transform Error: how To set parameter

Hi, first of all my setup:

ROS2 Foxy from Debians
Moveit2 from source
ROS2 UR Driver from Source
I added a Node that publishes pointclouds to a topic and activated the PointcloudOccupancyMapUpdater for this topic. It works, except of the following error:

[move_group-1] [ERROR] [1639558755.674646863] [moveit_ros.planning_scene_monitor.planning_scene_monitor]: Transform error: Lookup would require extrapolation into the future.  Requested time 1639558755.664266 but the latest data is at time 1639558755.626574, when looking up transform from frame [forearm_link] to frame [rgbd]
[move_group-1] [ERROR] [1639558755.674684064] [moveit.ros.occupancy_map_updater]: Transform cache was not updated. Self-filtering may fail. If transforms were not available yet, consider setting robot_description_planning/shape_transform_cache_lookup_wait_time to wait longer for transforms

So I tried to add the Parameter to several Parametersets in the ur_moveit.launch.py but nothing works.
I have additionally checked it with the command: ros2 param list, but it never appears in the /rviz2_moveit node.
How can I set it?

Then I have a second problem:

[rviz2-3] Warning: class_loader.impl: SEVERE WARNING!!! A namespace collision has occured with plugin factory for class rviz_default_plugins::displays::InteractiveMarkerDisplay. New factory will OVERWRITE existing one. This situation occurs when libraries containing plugins are directly linked against an executable (the one running right now generating this message). Please separate plugins out into their own library or just don't link against the library and use either class_loader::ClassLoader/MultiLibraryClassLoader to open.
[rviz2-3]          at line 253 in /opt/ros/foxy/include/class_loader/class_loader_core.hpp
[rviz2-3] [ERROR] [1639558748.475325465] [moveit_ros_visualization.motion_planning_frame]: Action server: /recognize_objects not available

Is it probably the reason? There are two /rviz2_moveit nodes running and I don’t know why.

If you need further information just ask.

As your questions are not overly UR-specific, you might want to ask your question in a more ROS-centric place, such as ROS answers. Please cross-link in this thread if you decide to do so.