Reading return values


I’m currently using port 30003 for realtime data, and would like to use the URScript function get_inverse_kin. Question is:

How do I get the function-calls return-data? What interface do I need to use?


Here is a list of available interfaces Remote Control Via TCP/IP - 16496

Try to send the urscript commands terminated in ‘\n’ character.

I know how to call URScript functions, I do that on port 30003, however I do not know how to or where to recieve the results of a function call. All interfaces only send back the current robot state, not the answer to the function call. Or am I missing something?

Hi eric,

You haven’t missed anything, you need to take additional steps to make the returned values accessible. If you put your get_inverse_kin() command within a function you can then either open a socket to send the results back to your server or write them into one of the general purpose registers that you can then access through the RTDE.