Payload and COG via RTDE

I’m trying to read payload and cog via RTDE. In some robots it is not a problem, and I have all the data I need, but in some cases rtde do not return me those values (especially when SW is 5.3 or older). In which software rev. payload was added?

I am experiencing the same issue as well on URSim 5.4. I can read in the robot_mode and output_int_register_0 fine, but payload and payload_cog have their data types show up as “NOT_FOUND”.

As you’ve probably seen for yourselves already, the support site article and seen that there isn’t a software revision listed, so these fields should be available in all versions.

Is it essential that you both support software versions that are this old? I don’t have 5.3 or 5.4 VM installed but have no issues accessing these on 5.6 or 5.11.

I have such issue on 3.6 and 5.3 software, so a bit old rev. Those are customers cobots, so I don’t have any option to update their software.

In my case, I was trying to keep the cap as compatible with older software as possible. The lowest sw version I tested that could get the payload data from RTDE without error was 5.5.1.

I can replicate this issue with v5,3 on URSim.

RTDE version 2.3.6 was released with UR software v5.5.1, so the compatibility problem must be related to that. I know there are two versions of the RTDE protocol 1 being older 2 being current, but was under the impression that the client would check which version the controller was using and automatically use that.

@mmi can you shed any light on this?

Any news? We still have that issue at some of customers instalations.

Hi @m.kaszowski,

The payload field was added in Polyscope version 5.5 and is not present in the older versions.