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Modbus TCP value freeze

I have a problem with the MODBUS TCP client Interface. I create a Variable in the client interface installtion screen everyhink seems to be ok. If the plc change the value I also see the changed value at the UR side (in Installtion screen). Now I start a programm and a URcap/script creates some more Modbus IN/OUT. Now the problem appers, I change the vlaue in the PLC but I doesn’t see the change at the Modbus TCP Interface screen the the value is frozen to this before I start the program. But if I read the register in script i get the right value. So I could work with die modbus Variable in script but i want to use it with the IO.Handler to show the certain value in Progam Node View without running robot program. If I create some less Modbus I/O in the cap it works fine.
So if use 6 Register Out, 1 Register In, 8 Bool Out, 5 Bool In then it freeze when i use the half it works. To limit the failure I also changed the frequenz to 100Hz but it hasn’t change anythink.

the pciture to clarify the problem