Modbus communication between two robots ur5


I have two ur5 robots connected to a siemens switch. I have configured the Modbus communication between them, in one of them it appears connected, but in the other one the status of the unit is always connecting.

I have done the test with two virtual machines and it works perfectly.

In the robots, I have the static ip, without default gateway.

How could I debug the communication of the robot that does not finish connecting?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if the robots are Modbus TCP servers. They are definitely clients that connect to Modbus server devices. Did you find a list of registers to connect to between robots?

Edit: I take it back, I guess I’ve never had to use it that way

One way you could debug is try connecting using client software on the PC. I use this one for a lot of testing:

Thanks Terryc, I’ll see if I can try it, as I’m not in the lab right now where the two UR3 are. I’ll try the TCP Modbus Examiner client and I’ll share the results with you.

Dear Alejandro,

we have an application where 3 cobots (UR10, not eSeries) are working together sharing sometimes the same workspace. They were connected by a Siemens switch. You may have a look at the pdf how the concept looked like and how the modbus I/O settings where configured. Screenshots are in German but I made some annotation for the English expressions.

If you need the network config of the URs too give me a short reply.
3cob_together.pdf (186.0 KB)

Regards, Sven