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Introducing badges... Earn yours today!

Hi Developers :computer:

To honor and encourage our great contributors in this community, the UR+ Developer Forum is now granting badges for great performance in the forum.

When you like a post, provide a great answer, or help others resolve their problems, you are the corner stone, in building a great developer community. So thank you! :heart_eyes:
As a small appreciation, and to show off to others, you will now be granted badges for such great behavior.

Find all badges here! :heart:

As you grow more senior in the community, the community gets more trust in you.
Our trust in you is manifested by your Trust Level in the community.
Reading posts, replying to topics and transferring likes all help build this trust.
When you gain more trust, your privileges in the forum will also increase, such that you can re-categorize posts, create wikis and enforce good behavior helping others.

Thank you, for being such a good sport,
We enjoy working with you!

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