Announcement: Developer Network is LIVE

Dear UR community,

We are launching a Developer Network!

We think people developing things are the secret ingredient in any successful cobot deployment. A lot of you are already active in this forum, but there are so many more things we should do together. That’s what Developer Network is all about. I am so excited about Developer Network that I couldn’t stop myself writing a small piece about it. Read it here:

Our first step is a new section on UR’s website (the link above), but we’re already planning more things, and we’d like to collaborate and incorporate your ideas too. That’s actually what Developer Network is all about.

You might ask yourself, what will happen to this forum? Don’t worry. That’ll still be around. In fact, we hope we can mobilize more people to participate. Think about Developer Network as an initiative that includes a forum, but so much more.

If you have any feedback for us, any insight you want to share, any initiative you think we should take, don’t hesitate to let us know. Use this post or send us an email at

Developers, developers, developers!

Martin Rytter


Woohoo! So excited to see all the cool things people will develop in this community.

If you want to hop onto the Discord server, join here! Let’s collaborate and innovate together :mechanical_arm:

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