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[IMPLEMENTED] Start robot from anywhere in program

This feature will only be available for e-Series, and we are not planning to implement this on CB3.

Thanks for the feedback. Would have been great to have this feature on the CB3 as well.


I agree, I would be great to have this on CB series as well :wink:

Hello there,

I’m writing an URCap which is creating child nodes below one parent node. The new robot feature is only working as expected with standard programm nodes. No matter what position they are in the program tree.

But it is not working when it comes to start from inserted nodes of my URCap. Do I have to make anything special to be able to use this feature also with the inserted nodes?

Lookin’ forward to read some input regarding this issue.


We’re working on URCap API for that feature.
Keep watching release notes.

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Okay, I’ll do. Thank you for your fast response.

We are currently using polyscope 5.9 build where it is still not possible to start the programm from within an urcap (some arbitrary child node)

Are there any news on when this feature is going to be implemented as our customers are constantly asking us for this specific feature?

I suspect that the ability to start a program from the child node of a URCap will not be implemented. This is because the relationship between the child of a URCap node follows far less “definition” than a child node of a regular polyscope node. We have developped some URCaps in the past which use child nodes only to keep the look and feel of polyscope, but dont actually contribute any script, as all script is generated by the URCap parent. Given that this can be acheived with a URCap, I suspect that you unfortunately wont see the ability to play a program from a URCap child node implemented any time soon.

Edit: I stand corrected! see jacobs reply below.

Check out the ProgramDebuggingSupport interface in the API Reference. It is part of the ContributionConfiguration of the ProgramNodeService.
The default value is that programs cannot be started from a child node, but you can set that value to true in the parent node to allow it. It has been supported since API version 1.9.0.

Thank you for your quick reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good. That’s exactly what I was looking for.