How to obtain the screwdriver torque values in ROS?

Universal Robot (UR5e)
Polyscope version: 5.13
Screwdriver: Robotiq Screwdriver URCap
Force co-pilot is used as UR5e has a built-in force sensor

I am trying to obtain information from the Robotiq screwdriver information and transfer the data into my PC. I have been trying to use ROS to achieve so, but seems like there are no existing packages for such application.

How does one obtain the screwdriver stopping condition/ torque information, angles before ramp down, and is it possible to manually teach the screwdriver action then utilise that later in remote control?

I was also thinking a different approach, which would be using the ROS_driver and the dashboard port to switch it between manual and remote, and maybe use ur_rtde to obtain the screwdriver information. However it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of information about ur_rtde and screwdrivers as well, so I’m not too sure what to do!

any suggestions/help would be very much appriciated! Thanks!