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How do I write a URCap to write data to UR Controller registers every 8 ms?

I need to write data from an external sensor to UR controller registers every 8 ms using a URCap. I have the MyDaemon URCap running.Where do I put the code to do this? I think that I know how to use UDP to read my data, and to use RTDE to put the data into the UR controller, but WHERE in the daemon do I put this code?


Check out the simple XML-RPC Math under samples.
(This shows how to implement an XML-RPC call in a daemon, so this is not what you are aiming to do. )
However, it also shows how to make a very simple installation node, where you e.g. could use a checkbox to start/stop your daemon.

It shows how to use the start() and stop() methods to start and stop your daemon from the Java side.
Then, you would have to write your daemon, that reads some e.g. force data, and writes it to the RTDE interface

Is this helpful?

Also check out the MyDaemon sample enclosed in the SDK.