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What is the difference between CB3.1 and CB3.0

CB1, CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1?

CB = ControlBox, and refers to the controller cabinet of the UR robot.
The controlbox contains the motherboard (Linux PC), safety control board (including I/O’s), power supplies and connection to the teach pendant and robot.

URCaps plugins can only run from PolyScope version and up.
This software version can only run on CB3.0 and CB3.1 controllers, which has been sold since mid-2014.

The main difference between CB3.0 and CB3.1 is the motherboard, which besides from more processing power on the CB3.1 also include some software differences:

  1. Debian version
    a. CB3.0: Debian GNU/Linux 5.0
    b. CB3.1: Debian GNU/Linux 7.8
  2. Java version
    a. CB3.0: 1.6
    b. CB3.1: 1.6
  3. Python version
    a. CB3.0: 2.5
    b. CB3.1: 2.7

Consider when you are creating your URCap plugins, that if a daemon relies on packages from Python 2.7, it may not run on a CB3.0 controller.

All UR3’s are made with CB3.1, and all UR5’s and UR10 made from February 2016 also have CB3.1 controller.

If you need to verify the controller version, this may be done with serial number.
From the below serial numbers, the controlbox will be CB3.1 UR5: 2016351864 UR10: 2016301779
However note, that a CB3.0 to CB3.1 upgrade kit may be fitted later, hence this is not a unique validation.


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