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Traverse With Home Node Crashes Polyscope 5.10

We noticed a strange issue with our CAP after updating to Polyscope 5.10. It would seem that if you call a traverse while the built-in home command is a child, you get a stack overflow error. I can take the exact program that has this error onto a robot with 5.9 and it does NOT have this problem.

I just tested this by adding a button that calls the following function:

public void onCrashProgramClicked() {
root = programModel.getRootTreeNode(myContribution.this);
root.traverse(new ProgramNodeVisitor() {
public void visit(final URCapProgramNode programNode, final int index, final int depth) {

My entire program is this:

And my Parent Traverse node contains a “Crash Program” JButton which calls the above method. Clicking this button to initiate the traverse produces this error:

Again, I can take this same program and URCAP onto my robot with Polyscope 5.9 and it does not do this. If you could please look into this I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks for the feedback @eric.feldmann we will investigate the issue you ran into!