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Suggestions for simulator hardware

I successfully run the simulator software on my laptop under VMWare. It works well most of the time. I do seem to struggle with the IP settings of the robot and communicating directly to the simulator running under the virtual machine via dashboard communications.

I would like to have a small single board computer that runs Linux and the simulator software. Basically a small standalone robot simulator I can keep on my desk for testing.

The recommended distribution for the simulator is Mint Linux 17.1. The Mint Linux website offers a MintBox mini which is a small single board computer running the Mint distribution. Would this be a good option for a standalone simulator ? How about an Intel NUC running Mint ? I would like to have the smallest option possible.

There are a bunch of these small PC’s available on Amazon that could likely run Mint.

Just reaching out to see if you use anything internally for this purpose or if anyone else has gone down this path.

Thanks in advance for any help.