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Scrip program causes joint failure

So, we have this program running in UR3 robots. And we got 5(five) time joint (wrist 3) errors!

The support here in Brazil is really poor helping us, and actually we need help to avoid this kind of errors/situation.

They said that is this program the cause. Can i find some help here?

Dass-PUR.script (9.6 KB)
DASS-PUR.urp (721 Bytes)

Do you know what specific line of the polyscope program the error occurs on?
Are you able to send the error that shows up in the log?

The URP program is just one line that calling the script file.
If I put to run the program, if run without any errors. BUT sometimes I get the C264A0 error or C157A0 error.
But it is just happens once day or not

log_history.rar.script (1.0 MB) .

the log file. Just rename to .rar

URScript can be hard to debug. Unless someone else gives another suggestion, what I would do is use the textmsg() function as you enter each stage of your script to identify where the error might be happening. And then narrow it down from there. Try not to write too many of these rapidly as it will overload the system. The printout will show up in the log.


Also, outside of being used in the threads, do you need the sync() calls in all of your while loops?

I put the sync() becouse they ask me to put that.