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Sample : Ethernet/IP I/O Monitor URCap (included the feature of RTDE and XML-RPC Server by JAVA)

To all developer.

I have developped the urcap for monitoring I/O of Ehternet/IP.
I use the features of RTDE, XML-RPC and so on to developping this.

I want to make it better in operation.
So would you try to use this and send me your message or reply if you have the suggetions and improvements?




Hi Takaaki,

I like this and thought about this too. Is there a Version planned for e-Series or would you mind if i use your code and adapt it on a e-Series Toolbar for all GPIO Registers? I think this would help a lot in Debugging I/Os :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


I am so glad that this feature is helpful for you.
It’s no problem to fork my repository and edit code.
If you adapt it on a e-series toolbar, would you please give me feekback on the edited code?

Please make this for the E-Series robot. I love Ethernet/IP for I/O but hate that I can’t monitor them.

To all.

I didn’t introduce the feature that bit of output can be turned on/off.
This urcap has the feature below.

I have verified this urcap running on e-series ursim.

But it needs to optimize allignment of swing components a little.
And I cannot verify on e-series real-robot because I don’t have e-series😅

I have a UR3e sitting 5 feet from me that I can test it on if you would like.

Thank you for your announcement.
Would you please do testing for running?

My apologies for not responding sooner. I looked at the Github page and didn’t’ see a Urcap file. Did I not look in the right location or do I need to compile it myself?



Hi, I uploaded the compiled urcap here.
Please download and try deploying this.

eipmonitor-1.0.zip (289.0 KB)