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Restore default installation / XMLRPC error

How can I restore my UR5 to the factory defaults?
I’m getting an error every time I try to receive on a socket. It seems related to the “MyDaemon” URCap example. I removed the URCap from my installation file and I’m not trying to use it, but I’m still getting an error.

More detail on the error: I have a socket open connected to a simple server on my PC. If I try to send something from my PC to the robot, the program halts with error "Runtime error: Unknown / unexpected error in the program: “popXMLRPCInstance”. This happens on the sim and the real robot.

edit: This may be unrelated to the MyDaemon after all - seems to just be a response to some bad formatting in my UR Script, and a confusing Runtime error.

If someone wants to close this post, I seem to have found the bug.