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Python Daemon - Protect source code

I wish to protect the source code present in the URCap we developed.

Opening the resulting .urcap file in an archive manager and browsing the contents I see all the java .class files are non human readable bytecode but the Python daemons that are part of our Cap are still human readable Python

Does the SDK support calling .pyc format compiled bytecode?

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Not a response to the question but:

Java bytecode is absolutly not source code protected. A lot of decompiler are on the table to get code from .class ou .jar file. Some are online such as http://www.javadecompilers.com/

Only java obfuscated code are ±safe, but since here it’s used by polyscope as a library, quite sure obfuscated code cannot be employed.



Has there been any progress on the URCap protection against decompiling?
I’m new to URCap, and have some plans, but I would like that the result cannot be reversed engineered.
Any tips?
Also, I noticed that the content of a Robotiq URCap can be opened, but the .class files on themselves are encrypted and couln’t be opened/found with JD-GUI. This is in contrast to the test URCap I made, here with JD-GUI the complete .class file could be read.
Anybody an idea how the .class files can be protected like the ones Robotiq made?

Kind regards

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