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Procedure for purchasing Development Robots

UR+ Developers who develop with the purpose of publication of products to Universal Robots+ may have the possibility purchase UR robots at a reduced price.

The robots are intended to ease the development and improve the ability to test the capabilities on-site as well as acting as demo robots when the UR+ product is commercialized.
Developer Robots can only be purchased with the purpose of development of plugins and products for Universal Robots+.

The robot is not allowed to be used in production, and they cannot be re-sold.

The procedure for purchasing a UR robot is:

  1. Developer sends project description to Universal Robots+ team (URCaps@universal-robots.com)
    The project description must include:
  • Description of the intended product
  • Overview of the intended technical solution
  • Description of how this product benefits the features of the UR
  • Description of why the robot is necessary for the development
  • Formal details: Company name, address, contact person, VAT/company registration number.
  1. UR+ team reviews project description, approves and email back a draft for purchasing agreement.
  2. Developer signs and returns purchasing agreement
  3. UR returns dual signed copy of purchasing agreement.
  4. Developer contacts local distributor, and purchases UR robot at developer pricing. Link to overview of UR Distributors

Please include “Universal Robots+ Developer Robot” in PO.

In case of warranty claims or service, please consult local distributor.

Please contact Universal Robots+ team for prices (URCaps@universal-robots.com).