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Installation node scriptwriter sequence

Our URCap uses functions from other URCaps. So our URCap has to be inserted last into the script with Scriptwriter.

How can I define the order of the installation nodes for the script?
Our installation node of the URCap must be installed last in the script.

The order of when Installation Nodes contribute their respect URScript is today random, and cannot be altered or guaranteed. (API 1.5)

Is the node which URScript you consume your own? Or another third-party URCap?

Our own URCap for our application.

If you explicitly need the URScript to be added after all Installation Nodes, it could be considered to be placed inside a Program Node, that should be placed in the robots BeforeStart sequence.

if you are deploying installation nodes you can define your URScript Code as threads or functions which could be called inside your Program Nodes just where you need it so it wont be a problem that they are ordered randomly.

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