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Incorrect "Move Here" behaviour

On our UR3 running 3.7.0 we encountered the following problem:

A sample program has two MoveJ instructions which only differ in the angle for axis 6 which is 90deg for position1 and 600deg for position2 respectively.
Running this program will give the correct motion (robot wrist winding up for 510deg). In contrast when moving between the two positions via the Move Here button in the command menu of MoveJ gives a movement of only 150deg, so skipping the additional full rotation but confusingly showing the programmed axis angle (90deg/600deg) when the position is reached.

In other words: the only way to jump to an arbitrary joint position within a program is by running the program from the start and stopping via another button press when in position. All other intents with using “Move Here” will give wrong results when there is more than 180deg between the two joint positions. In this case the robot will always do the shortest movement within 1 rotation regardless of the programmed joint angles (but showing correct values).