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How to change user password

Ok, so I have looked all over the place, have tried searching, using cmd-F on pages, everything I can think of to find a way to change the password for logging into the site but for the life of me I cannot seem to find it so…how do you change your password?

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Use this form to reset your password.

@jbm, All that does is send me another auto-generated password, not the option to set the password to be something that I want it to be. Is there no way for a user to set their own password?

Issue is, I often log in from my mobile device and don’t always remember the random generated password that the system has assigned to me.

Custom password change is currently not supported by the user.
However if you send an email to support.urcaps@universal-robots.com with desired password, we can change it manually.

excuse me that I post in this topic where my question is not fitting.
Unfortunately I cannot open a new consersation. Every time I try i get the error
“You are not permitted to view the requested resource”
What can I do?