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E series forum login

I got a mail with the link to a new and upgraded Developer Forum, when I click login, I end up here. Is it supposed to be like that?

Is it just cosmetic redesign or totally new platform? I see some similarities.

i would like to have some information about downward compatibility, especially old URCaps :slight_smile:

Our website developers are currently working on launching the brand new and re-designed UR+ Developer site - but we are facing some technical holdups on the way. So stay tuned! :slight_smile:

e-Series and PolyScope 5.0 will be backward compatible with URCaps (in compliance with the API) from v. 1.0.
However as you may notice, the UI does change quite a bit, so you may want to tune your UI to fit the new look and design, but the functionality will be remained.


Is there a way to get the new ui on one of the old (CB3.1) robots? I am both doing software, integration, training, and support afterwards, so being able to test things on the demo UR5 we currently got, is a big help.

No, it will not be possible to install PolyScope 5.0 on a CB3 robot.
They are two different product lines.