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Debug step by step HelloWorld Example from Eclipse IDE


I’ve downloaded the URCaps starter package. I’ve followed the guide:

1.Load the virtual machine into your preferred virtual machine software
2.Play the virtual machine
3.Start the Eclipse Oxygen IDE, by clicking the Eclipse link on the desktop.
4.Check out the samples from the SDK, which are all loaded in the IDE.
Consider starting with the HelloWorld (HTML based) and HelloWorldSwing examples.
5.Create a new URCap project
cd sdk/sdk-1.3.55/
Name your project, and select the API version.
6.Load the new project into Eclipse:
File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven projects
Browse to the project folder (inside the SDK folder).
Discard the error message (Resolve later)
7.Start developing your new URCap.
8.Build your project with Maven, e.g. the HelloWorld example:
cd sdk/sdk-1.3.55/samples/html/com.ur.urcap.examples.helloworld/
mvn install
The URCap will now build, and you can find the .urcap file to install in the target-folder in the project.
9.Start the URSim simulator, by executing the “start-ursim.sh” script.
For PolyScope 5.0:
cd ursim/ursim-5.0.x-xxx/
For PolyScope 3.6:
cd ursim/ursim-3.6.x-xxx/
10.Deploy your URCap to the simulator, and test it out.

This guide work very well.

I’d like to debug the HelloWorld example in Eclipse, without ursim. It’s possible?

I’d like to add breakpoint, view the interface that i’ve made etc…

Can anybody make a guide step by step?