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Certification Process timeline


How long time does a typical certification process typically take? Could you please give me a rough idea about the following areas:

  • Review and assessment of a spec and manuals etc
  • Performing certification qualification tests
  • Approval
  • Showcase on UR+ Website

Also much appreciated if you could give a hint on what kind of UR+ tests are normally performed at UR HQ?

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UR+ Products are first tested and verified at the UR Regional offices. Upon passing these tests, they will be sent to UR HQ in Denmark for final test and certification. (Except products from Scandinavia & UK, where the regional office is the HQ as well).
The time for the certification varies by different factors, including the level of complexity of the product and the necessity of external hardware and space.

Typically, regional tests can take app. 1 week, while spending 2 weeks in HQ. Excluding shipping.
When the product is certified, the launch to the UR+ website can happen within days, as long as the required marketing materials from you (text, images, etc.) are ready.

In general, we would though encourage, to work closely with regional UR+ development support, to align previous to the “final” test what should be included in the scope of the product. This way, we both ensure that we are aligned what UR is expecting from the product, and what you should expect to deliver.

Testing is dependent on the type of product, and the level of complexity therein.
But as general themes, the ease of setup/installation and ease of use are key parameters in the usability tests. Functionally wise, it is also tested that the product works as expected (and as explained in the user instructions) and that quality of software and for relevant products hardware is solid. We will typically also provide feedback regarding use cases, and have (optional) suggestions for some features that could be included to improve the product even more.

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