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Activate Safety Boundaries


is there a possibility to link the activation of a safety boundary to a safe input? Let’s say I want to activate a certain safety boundary (or even combination of boundaries) when a certain safety input is high?


One potential approach to this would be to trigger reduced mode using a pair of safety inputs (you don’t necessarily have to have a change in speed in reduced mode) and then set up a safety boundary that is only active in reduced mode. So if your input has not been triggered, the robot would pass through the boundary. One drawback to this approach is that if the input is reset and the robot goes back to normal mode when beyond the safety mode, the system will give a safety violation, but this may be avoidable with the correct safety relay circuit.

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Hi ajp

ok, thanks. I’ll look into that.

I have a question that is very much related to this topic.
Given the need of activating the Reduced Mode using a pair of configurable, digital inputs for a UR10 - CB3: How long would it take until the Reduce Mode settings are guaranteed to be active?

I came across the documentation of Safety-Functions, and this document suggests a time of 500ms (see page 4 - Reduced Mode). By also adding the Scan-Time for configurable inputs, which is 24ms for CB3 series, we get 524ms in total.

I understand this might be the guaranteed time frame for the Reduced Mode settings to be active. How can I measure the actual time required for the transition to Reduced Mode, given our setup/settings?

Thanks for any hints.