Universal Robots+

About the Feature requests category

Feature requests to the URCaps API or SDK should be filed under this category.

All feature requests are assessed and validated by UR.

A feature request must have the following format:

  • Title of feature request
  • Description of feature as use case
    As a UR+ <role> I would like <this feature> so it can <give some benefit>
    E.g. As a UR+ vision system developer, I would like ability to have slider input elements, so it can allow the user easily to adjust contrast and saturation settings within the allowed range.
  • Optional technical details
    E.g. if there are specific technical requirements.

You can also consider elaboration with phrasing like:

  • As a “title/function” I would benefit from “feature request” when I “use case”.
  • Implementing “feature request” in the URCap API would make it possible to “use case”. Thus making it easier to “practical functionality”.

If you have an alternate use case, to a feature request that already exists in here, please back it up by elaborating on your specific use case. Alternatively LIKE the post, if you believe it is spot on.

Feature requests not relevant to the URCaps SDK or API, e.g. feature requests to the hardware or electrical design, URScript in general, generic funtionality of PolyScope, should be reported through your local distributor on regular channels.

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